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Our creativity, innovation, and dedication have allowed us to create strong relationships with press contacts who want to help our clients flourish in their relevant industries. By staying on top of the trending news, we know what our media contacts’ areas of interest are and can predict what they would like to feature next. We also keep track of what stories are currently being researched on both short and long-term to stay ahead of the curve. Having laid the foundation with these editors, bloggers, writers, producers, bookers, and hosts, our media connections know and trust the stories we pitch them and clients we represent.


The Luxe PR Group confirms media placements in targeted, major media outlets, which offers a credible third-party endorsement that is more cost effective and valuable than advertising. Weighing our publicity efforts versus ad costs, we can prove that the publicity we garner for our clients is cost effective and more beneficial due to our established media relations.


The Luxe PR Group leverages its long-standing relationships with press to exceed the expectations and goals of their clients. Through personalized guidance and individualized PR packages, clients are given the attention their businesses deserve, ensuring the top publications they aim for. The bottom line is our clients want results, and we deliver beyond what is projected.


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