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Focused on creating and implementing strategic communication campaigns for a wide variety of performers and entertainers, including television and film stars, recording artists, authors, models, athletes.

Public Relations


Public Relations is vital oxygen to your business.  Without PR,  you will truly struggle to gain the awareness your product or service deserves You may have an amazing product or an incredible service, but if no one knows about it you’re in trouble. You must tell the world! Click here for more






Crafting a custom plan for your unique brand, requires insight into the industry’s leading brands. The Luxe PR Group makes a point to constantly educate ourselves with the top brands and their campaigns to recognize the opportunistic areas for you.  Click here for more




Social Media


The constantly evolving digital presence has inevitably challenged traditional public relations tactics as whole. Businesses, media and the general public rely on the digital world, now, more than ever.  Click here for more

Intergrated Marketing


The Luxe PR Group offers elevated brand value through our integrated marketing tactics.  We aim to achieve marketing implementations that target the appropriate market, grab their attention, and deliver motivation and inspire.  Click here for more




Event Management


The Luxe PR Group offers a comprehensive events management service. The agency includes a team of designated events experts with vast experience of high profile private events and celebrations, celebrity extravaganzas as well as product launches, corporate functions and media events.about you. Click here for more


Celebrity Sponsorship/Wrangling


The Luxe PR Group offers strong celebrity relationships with high-profile individuals influential to the targeted consumer markets. These connections allow us to have an impactful effect on the cultural standing of our clients and their brand.  Click here for more




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