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The constantly evolving digital presence has inevitably challenged traditional public relations tactics as whole. Businesses, media and the general public rely on the digital world, now, more than ever. Our team is comprised of dedicated writers and content creators that manage the online developments to your advantage. The Luxe PR Group focuses on advancing with the new wave of publishing techniques, using every aspect to our benefit.


We, as a whole, understand how to compose relevant diction for SEO and SEM optimization while keeping language prominent and succinct for various trending social media platforms. From Hashtags, Tweets, updates, check-ins, to blog posts we implement Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Word Press, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Pocket in a strategic manner to navigate our client’s needs without precedent.


The Luxe PR Group uses modern and sophisticated methods to empower companies with social media campaigns that are clear, intelligent and creative.


We like to stress “thinking outside of the box” while creating a dynamic online presence. Our goal for clients is not subject to the number of followers but the quality of influence your brand has on consumers. We go beyond the scope of average campaigns by integrating all aspects of our multi-tier firm to ensure the best delivery of results. 


Ultimately, The Luxe PR Group comprises direct and constant ideas to evolve the nature of our clients’ brand while improving or establishing their online image. With over 70,000 combined followers, we can redefine, facilitate, and strategize an online platform for the digital world. The power of utilizing a brands’ online presence is recognized and in return we offer an extensive combination of talent, knowledge and integrity. 


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